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Observation & Continuation

       This blog is an overall recap, a current evaluation & the projected plan for Improvisational Art. The original intent, creative thrust, & developmental evolution of the portfolio began as a crossover project from musical improvisation to graphic composition. Early statements made in the first blogs, and subsequent published materials, have begun to need further elaboration. By calling this idiom “Improvisational Art “ I had implied that the impetus to create such compositions stemmed from improvisational music i. e. Jazz. (see first blogs). Also, that anyone could enhance their experience by ‘also improvising each piece’, through the conscious process of “abstracting” (gerund of the verb; to abstract). In this sense the word (abstracting) means sustained, selective attention: “attention to what is beyond obvious” (see Aristotle!)

                                                                   Meanings are found in people; definitions are found in dictionaries!

       Thus, ‘meaning-making’ (my term) for becoming conscious of abstracting is seen throughout my blogs. Of course, ‘abstract’ also means conceptual, ideational, ambiguous …. not concrete! This confusion has plagued artists and viewers alike. When attached to the word “expressionism”, it does beg the question; what does the phrase ‘abstract expressionism’ really mean…… to the observer, in particular? I sought to re-name the art I make; to identify its attending feeling component. That proved unnecessary! The following insight-turned-dictum I believe to be true; therefore the impetus for my work has become: ”Experience & Expression” are identical and occur simultaneously. In fact, a simple explorative act of hand-rubbing white ink over pencil shading, in one composition, led to improvising, anew, the entire original portfolio! What I had referred to as ‘Black & White Counterpoint’ (or ‘Gray Scale’) now became the ‘Blues Scale’ Series. Further exploration & improvisation led to the ‘Deep Color Scale’ Series and the ‘Pale Color Scale’ Series (options tab). Another improvisational leap is evidenced in the ‘Line/Color/Ground’ Series! A varied, yet consistent, color palette is expressed throughout the array, and fertile, more open spaces, replace elements inconsistent with the creative intent of previous compositions.

         Also, consistent with the 'Improvisational Art' approach and the realization that by abstracting (extracting, if you will), small segments of any composition, certain areas might contain, therein, all the elements of a complete piece! Thus, the latest ‘Gleaned Image’ Series will embrace, in part, Hologram Theory. I say “in part” because understanding the entire theory is unnecessary toward grasping the idea. For example, the idea expressed in this statement: “The most interesting quality of a Hologram is that the whole represents the information & knowledge that is contained in each part, and that each part represents the information & knowledge contained in the whole”. The improvisational, creative challenge was to capture the abstract impact (both optically and affectively) from each composition within the ‘Line/Color/Ground’ Series. By 'creative discovery', small parts of any completed composition offered "visual quotes", that when consciously abstracted, became completed pieces in their own right !!

        Each of the last six series’, named above, emerged from the one before it through extemporaneous innovation, spontaneous creativity. As in Music, stylistic, nuanced phrases come into being out of what preceded them.

      In Jazz jargon, original compositions are called "Heads" and each improvised rendition of a "Head", is referred to as a “Course”. 

Out of the most recent "Heads" named the 'RandomGrid' Series' ( 13 Originals)... the 'Holo-Grid' Series emerged as the first group of 'Courses'!

        Beyond all the terms mentioned throughout written portions of this site, attempts to bring clarity to what may transpire between an image and whomever observes it, I have come to prefer ‘indeterminate’ ………. until…….. abstracted into a felt/conceptualized, experience.

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