The Bundy Museum Interview

 This was a fun-filled interview, for a March 6th opening of a month-long exhibit. My show contained thirteen new works, and eighteen previously exhibited compositions. Just one day after the opening night, the exhibit was shut-down by the pandemic! Planned video  portions of the show never took place. Fortunately, multiple series' of available canvases, can be explored in this wed site. The entire, recently completed, Random Grid Series and eighteen others from the Line, Color, Ground Series completed the exhibit.

The Bundy Museum of History and Art is well known to this region, as well as the Binghamton University community. Its history is rooted in the beginnings and further growth of International Business Machines; prestigious and well attended!

I had hoped to communicate to university colleagues, and other local artists, this newest phase of my creative efforts. Perhaps you might be interested in the following interview. 

Click on the following link to listen to interview: