Personalizing Decorative Art


For many artists the word decorative, as relates to their efforts, is uncomplimentary, demeaning, pejorative; ‘decorative art’ an oxymoron!

In the early development of abstract art, the expressive ‘inner need’ of the artist was thought to be “spiritual” and, in no way could a finished piece be misconstrued as merely ornamental. The perception of such a chasm, arguably, has diminished. Décor, itself, has become more open and demanding of elaboration over recent decades, via textured and multi-colored walls, murals, complex-patterned wallpaper, etc. The popularity of large, lush-in-color, abstract compositions are often at the center of decorators’ schemes; sometimes necessitating architectural accommodation.

To be sure, individual taste and affinity for a particular style dominate consumers’ initial choices. However, over time and repeated viewings, certain compositions will emerge as ‘favorites’. The so-called favorites may have been satisfying the experiential ‘inner need’ of its viewer; spiritual or otherwise.

As previously stated in Why “Untitled”? , our capacities to conceptualize, objectify, abstract and make meaning are innate. Becoming more aware of what elicits our aesthetic sensibilities, as regards art in general and decorative art in particular, is to personalize it!

Since ‘Improvisational Art ‘is simultaneously decorative and abstract I will suggest some possibilities for personalizing each untitled composition in the collection.

Actually, ‘personalizing’ is recognizing and appreciating all that is possible to be gleaned from each viewing. There are competing focal points that vanish; other compelling images are captured… then, the expectant eye moves elsewhere within the overall unity that is omni-present in every one of these singular pieces.

Furthermore, because some of these elegant reproductions are square, they can be displayed in eight [8] different positions, rendering multiple/additional perspectives to be joyfully personalized! And this is what is meant by the “moreness” and “always- becoming” that is promised by these robust, pictorially decorative sketches. In fact, visual improvisation is encouraged!

Other custom options available to the consumer are: (A) a choice to frame in accordance with whatever décor is present in any given room; (B) choices from suggested multiple options, including the blues scale, the grey scale, numerous deep color scale options and numerous pale color scale options; (C) Canvas borders to accommodate gallery stretch framing as well as custom border options. This series of abstract, decorative sketches is stylistically consistent, enabling matched, coordinated/complementary displays.