Improvisation & Intention

In this, the third adlibNote, my wish is to articulate further what defines and brands ‘Improvisational Art’ from its expressional intent - to its invitational offer to engage viewers to improvise for themselves – to continue to explore and discover the ideational shifts-in-perception, these intricate, eye-catching images, promise to deliver.

Although the word improvisation seems to imply ‘without preparation’ and a ‘spur of the moment’ quality, the word intention implies planning and forethought. Those words, antithetical as they may seem, also connote functionally integrative and reciprocal elements. The acts of exploration and discovery, for example, are complementary and interactive in this sense. An unmistakable fusion and visually - felt - experience is revealed to the intentionally explorative improviser …. ‘meaning’ is made!

Additionally, to point out what brands my work as improvisational, from its inception to employing a guiding principle that experience and expression are synonymous, include:  … A) engaging viewers to experience/express their innate capacity to abstract personal meaning from exploratory viewing. This can be evidenced in the fact that each composition can be displayed in eight perspectives! … B) possibilities for decorating,  allowed in a consistency of style and color offerings, thus, expanding options for mixing & matching multiple pieces in any array of one’s choosing. … C) availability in four color scales as defined in the Custom Options section... D) Giclees on canvas ........E the creative imperative to frame in accordance with personal tastes, as well as, to blend with whatever existing surroundings are enjoyed by the client. In other words, to personalize, customize, improvise. (See personalizing decorative art)